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You can build a professional resume using many customisable features with Verified Resume. The following are qualities a resume should have in order to get results: Make your resume well-structured for the best readability, with all the necessary resume sections. Do not do the try-and-test thing with your professional resume. Try writing in a suitable resume format that strategically highlights your fortes and is ATS-friendly. In order to be ATS-compliant, you should create your resume so that an applicant tracking system can easily parse it. Recruiters will never see your resume if it isn't compatible with applicant tracking systems. All it'll do is end up in the recruitment black hole. Include keywords in your resume that match the job description. ATS only picks keywords. If the relevant keywords are missing from your resume, you will not be able to clear the first round itself, which is entirely machine based. Include your most relevant experience and measurable results in your r